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Do you want to build your future career in energy industries? Do you want to gain a unique expertise for your future career? There are a plenty of energy companies in Indonesia and all over the world. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for the companies to find experts focusing on renewable energy. Are you ready to grab this opportunity? Start now by studying Sustainable Energy and Environment course in SGU. It is an international joint degree program in collaboration with German universities and other universities abroad.



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Featured Testimonials


Rosa Belinda
SEE 2014

Studying Sustainable Energy and Environment at Swiss German University was an incredible journey. The most challenging yet enriching experience for me was the 1-year exchange period, where we had the opportunity to study and complete an internship in Germany. The international exposure was highly beneficial for the students, as we had the chance to explore a different culture. Furthermore, the internship opportunity has allowed us to experience at first hand how renewable energy is implemented in a developed country. Overall, SGU has prepared a comprehensive yet practical program for the students to equip us with the industrial needs.

Joshua Suhadi Sabarman
SEE 2015

Studying Sustainable Energy and Environment in SGU gave me a great chance to be exposed into all kinds of renewable energy. SGU provided us with great lecturers and staff to learn from, added with two internship periods that played a big role in shaping my professionalism. After studying SEE in SGU, I can contribute my knowledge directly to accelerate Indonesia’s energy transition into a more sustainable future with PT SelarasDayaUtama as a Solar Energy Engineer.


  • Modern class rooms.
  • Laboratories equipped with modern analytical.
  • Pharmaceutical unit operations.
  • Standard laboratory equipment, etc.

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Association of Chemical Engineering Student (ACES).