About Study Program

One current world concern is how life can continue on a sustainable basis. Three important factors are food, energy, and water supply. The new study program in SGU, Sustainable Energy and Environment, under Chemical Engineering Department,  focussing on energy, particularly renewable energy, energy conservation, environment, and water resources, prepares the human resources needed for these developments, for Indonesia and for the world.


To become a globally recognized Chemical Engineering study program, excelling in technology and demonstrating integrity, as well as high social responsibility.


  • To carry out Chemical Engineering study program activities strongly interacting with industry.
  • To provide a quality education that produces graduates with competencies to fulfil the needs of industry, academic fields, and other society needs.
  • To conduct research in the field of process engineering, processing systems, and equipment, that will contribute to, and impact industry and society.
  • To conduct community service benefitting the industrial community, professionals, and the local community by utilizing science and technology.
  • To build relations with both national and international institutions.
  • To increase the quality and professionalism of academic and non-academic staff.

What You Study

In Sustainable Energy and Environment program, basic sciences and the laboratories subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, and Material Science) be studied in the first year besides the basic energy-related subjects such as Introduction to Energy Policy and Environment. Bioenergy, Solar Energy, and Wind Energy. Also Hydro Energy as a renewable energy subject is studied in the second year while the local internship is held in the semester break In the same year, students also learn about the principles of Chemical Engineering, processes, and industrial skill, e.g. Chemical Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Unit Operations, and Chemical Reaction Engineering, as related to Energy. In the following year, students will learn more about processes and industrial technology to prepare them before having an internship abroad. One semester of lectures is held in Ernst – Abbe – Hochschule Jena – University of Applied Sciences, for Environmental Chemistry, Waste Treatment and Resources Efficiency, Ecobalance, Decentralized Energy Supply, Water purification, and Environment and Process Metrology. The student continues their stay in Germany to do their internship in the energy and environment focused Industry. In the last year of the study, Plant Safety, Industrial Economic, Management, and Plant Design subjects are studied to prepare the students for the professional world.

  • Basic Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Math)
  • Chemical Engineering Principles
  • New and Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Hydrogen, Bio Energy
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental Science: Waste Treatment, Environment & Process Metrology, Water Purification

Why in SGU

  • The first study program in Indonesia that focuses on both the sustainable energy and the environment fields.
  • The opportunity receiving a Dual Degree by having a 1 (one) study semester at SGU’s partner university in Germany.
  • The opportunity of doing practical work (internship) locally and overseas that will provide you with an extra edge in the job market

The Future of Online Learning Program

Online Learning program in Swiss German University is committed to helping you achieve success. In addition to providing high quality, Swiss German University will also accompany you in each stage of the learning process with the mission of flexibility that you can attend classes from anywhere. Easy access to all learning material provided, and guarantee you to stay connected with students or our lecturers.

Learn how to pursue your success career through our online learning experience.

Career Prospect

  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Bioenergy Industries (Palm Oil)
  • Consultant
  • Research and Development
  • Energy Management


Internship Story

Every year the Energy & Environmental Sustainability Study Program flies its students to Germany. In semester 5 they will learn about aspects of the Environment at our partner the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena-University of Applied Sciences campus. Then in semester 6, SGU students will conduct an internship program in Germany for one semester for the field of new renewable energy and the environment.


  • Dr.-Ing Evita H Legowo
  • Dr.-Ing. Diah Indriani Widiputri, S.T., M.Sc.
  • Silvya Yusri, S.Si., M.T
  • Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Samuel P. Kusumocahyo
  • Hery Sutanto, M.Si., S.Si
  • Irvan S. Kartawiria, M.Sc.
  • Paulus Gunawan, M.M